Yoga – Nourishment for the Mind, Body and Soul

About four months ago I started practicing Hatha yoga, and loved it from the get go!  About a month in, after reading several posts and articles, and hearing about it from friends, I gave hot yoga at try as well.  And let me tell you, I… am… hooked…!

Not only is yoga (hot or otherwise) an amazing workout, detox, and lovely way to get all stretchy, bendy and sweaty (and very complementary to the Animal Flow training I’m practicing with my personal trainer at the gym), but it’s also a great way to find calm, peace, and stillness (hello quiet mind…).  The challenge of breathing and staying aware of my breath while holding a pose, and, as one of my instructors says, “finding your edge” is an amazing experience indeed, and is really helping me with stress management and discernment.

Another reason I love yoga so much right now is because it’s one of the few ways I feel completely supported.  As someone who has a ridiculous work schedule and has to make what often feels like a million decisions every day (as an entrepreneur, parent, spouse, human being…), knowing all I need to do for yoga is show up, listen and be, is such a comforting feeling – one I rarely experience with such a hectic schedule and so many demands on my time.

What I also realized a few weeks ago, with a certain amount of delightful bliss, was that not only is yoga helping me to detox (physically and emotionally) and feel less stressed, but with so much being released and so much realignment taking place, I have and am finding more space (I’m being defragged…!).  And with this space, I feel I am being nourished in a way I didn’t expect, or even realize was possible! Thank you yoga!

So imagine my absolute glee when I showed up for hot yoga last week and I was the only student there!  It was the ultimate in self-care and support, and such an incredibly nourishing experience.

My teacher and I practiced together, I got to ask questions as we went along, we tried new things I hadn’t yet experienced in class, and I was able to receive 100% of her attention and support while perfecting every single pose I did.  It was awe-some!

There were more folks in class the next time and since then, but with every class I take, I feel more supported, more relaxed, and more nourished – mind, body and soul.

So for anyone out there, entrepreneur or otherwise, I very highly recommend you consider giving yoga a try.  There are many different styles, and there are as many reasons to practice as there are benefits from practicing.  In the end though, it’s really about self-care, support and nourishment.

How important are you (your mind, your body, your soul), and what can you do today to help nourish every part of yourself?  Are you ready to show up, listen and be…?

For now, get your veg on, get your Shavasana on, and find ways to nourish your mind, body and soul that work for you.

Until next time…

Eat well. Be well.™


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