Workshop! “Sugar – Sweet Treat or Dangerous Drug?”


It’ll be fun, it’ll be informative, and it may open your eyes to how sugar really affects your gut health and overall health!

Spaces are limited, so please register with Oma Chiropractic today!

See you at the workshop!

Eat well.  Be well.™


One thought on “Workshop! “Sugar – Sweet Treat or Dangerous Drug?”

  1. Lesia Post author

    Hi Johanne,

    Thanks for your interest in the workshop!

    The workshop flyer is on the blog page (you need to view the actual post), the fee is $20, and you can register directly with Oma Chiropractic. There’s a live link to Oma directly below the flyer.

    Any questions, feel free to email me directly at and we’ll get you registered.

    Many thanks!


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