Viva Las Veggies – Leslieville Farmers’ Market, 20 September, 2015!


Another Sunday brings another Leslieville market day, and this weekend it’s Viva Las Veggies! Not only are we celebrating all things veggie, but we’re doing it Vegas style, baby!  I look forward to seeing all you high rollers tomorrow for my organic, gluten-free, plant-based/vegan Sunday brunch!

Celebrating veggies this week – Summer Peach Stuffed Baked French Toast, and Cheezy Mushroom & Onion Breakfast Scramble for breakfast, and for lunch – Fancy Pants Mac n’ Cheeze and crowd fave Roasted Veg Chili with Sweet Potato Pumpkin Corn Fritters (all dressed up for a Veggie Vegas afternoon, baby)!

You can also get your Sweet Potato Pumpkin Corn Fritters on their own, and after you’ve eaten all you can at the market, grab some Take-home Meals to keep your belly full at dinner and throughout the week!

This week’s meals: Summer Veg and Tofu Soup – The Blush Version, Sauerkraut & Split Pea SoupMac n’ Cheeze varieties, Refried Bean Bake and Roasted Veg Chili!  Ready to cash in those chips…?

Swingin’ at the market with friends and fam?  Shout it out for all to hear:

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Next Leslieville market date: 27 September.  For more market dates and locations, visit the farmers’ market page!

For now, get your veg on, get your Wayne Newton on, and grab your cocktails ‘cus we’re goin’ to Veggies, baby!  See you tomorrow morning for some yummy food and the grooviest of tunage (with a special surprise performance by the Vendor Showgirls)!

Eat well.  Be well™.


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