Sending out an S.O.S….

Happy Wednesday!

I’m writing today because after having the loveliest of Valentine’s Days at the Brick Works market on Saturday, a lazy catch-up-on-my-sleep Sunday, and then a super amazingly gorgeous family day Monday in the country with friends, it’s now Wednesday…  and I’m sick.

I’ve felt worse, but between the guck in my chest, and me sounding like a gravelly baritone, I’ve decided it’s time to slow down, and rest up, so I can power up with all the things I have coming up in the next month and beyond, and more importantly, so things don’t get worse.

So, you may be asking yourself, how does someone who’s guiding and supporting folks to better nourishment and taking care of themselves end up getting sick?  I’ll tell you how – STRESS!

With a final exam this week, a digestive workshop for kids at my 10-year old daughter Mylana’s school next week, a new consulting gig, my 6-month program clients, next month’s “What’s Your Gut Telling You…?” workshop in Edmonton, and a handful of Brick Works markets before March break – my body is yelling, loudly and clearly, “Enough already!”

“And I’m listening…” (did anyone else hear Frazier Crane in that moment…?)

Now if I were me from even last year, never mind 3 years ago, I’d be pushing through to get the work done, piling even more stress on my mile-high plate!  The thing is, when it comes to stress, our bodies don’t differentiate between good stress and bad stress.

With any kind of stress, our bodies go into overdrive, putting us into fight or flight mode, raising our cortisol levels trying to keep us on an even keel.  We keep that up for long enough, we go into adrenal fatigue, our cortisol levels eventually plummet, and then fluctuate or just stay down, our immune system gets compromised, and eventually our body sends out an S.O.S. to slow things down or else!  And even though a cold or the flu can feel horrible, continued stress-induced wacky cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue can lead to even more serious disorders including: anxiety, digestive problems, weight gain, heart disease and more.

This is starting to sound more like a red alert, rather than a simple S.O.S.!  Can you hear me now…!?

So now, even though I take way better care of myself than I used to, I know I’m still in an über transitional period in my life, and because of that, there is a significant amount of stress on any given day.  I try to eat well, get resftul sleep, surround myself with happy, inspirational, healthy people, and am looking into doing yoga for the first time in my life!  But even with all that, sometimes it’s too much, and my body demands some down time.

But again, where 1 year ago I pushed myself when hit with a bug, and ended up being sick, sicker, and ultimately the sickest I’ve been in years (for 3 months!!), today I’m just embracing the down time, and am listening to what my body needs.

What does that look like…?

In this moment, I’m hunkered down with copious amounts of hot tea, bottles of Oil of Oregano and Vitamin C, a nourishing soup full of garlic, onion, ginger, and veg from some of my fave Brick Works market vendors (big shout out to Sosnicki Organics, and Vicki’s Veggies!!), and have ended up dozing on the couch as needed.  Plus, I just got to listen to and be inspired by a wicked Q&A live call with 2 of my absolute fave business mavens – Marie Forleo and Danielle Laporte!  And I’m doing it all in my jim jams!  Plus, my beloved hubbie is picking up Mylana from school so I don’t have to go out in the cold again.  Yay!

Sure, I’ve had to postpone a few things over the next few days, and sadly I won’t be at the Brick Works market this Saturday, BUT… I have every confidence that because I’m listening to what my body’s telling me, am showing it some love, and am slowing down enough to heal over the next couple of days, I’ll be back at it by the beginning of next week!

Bigger picture – I’ll keep working on getting more restful sleep, doing things that make me happy and feel good, limiting things that feel crappy or not so great, and will continue to surround myself with amazing, healthy, inspirational people.  I’ll also continue to eat well, and to move my body in ways that keep me strong, bendy and pain-free.

Turn the tables time – I’m curious to know how you you take care of yourself, and what you do when you get sick.  Do you push through it, or do you embrace it and give yourself some love and down time?  Feel free to comment below, including posting some of your favourite ways to heal and rest up.

For now, I’m crawling back under the blanket, with my hot mason jar of tea…

And now Glenn and Mylana are home too, so some extra love just walked in the door….

Until next time…

Eat well.  Be well.™

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