The Power of Intention (or “How my Daughter got to Dress her Gym Teacher as a Fairy”)

Two Fridays ago, Mylana came home from school and made an announcement.  The following Friday her school – Maria Montessori Academy – would be participating in the Terry Fox School Run, and the students were encouraged to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Thanks to her Alma Mater in Toronto – Kew Park Montessori Day School – Mylana’s had lots of experience in fund raising over the years.  So she was totally up to the task!

As extra incentive, Maria Montessori Academy’s gym teacher Mr. Cam said whomever raised $1000 could dress him up for the run in any way they wanted.

And with that, Mylana set herself a goal – to dress up Mr. Cam by raising $1000 for the Terry Fox Foundation Intention, set!

Her first idea – to ask the fellowship at the Centre for Spiritual Living Victoria if they’d be willing to donate.  She contacted Rev. Carrie who immediately said “yes”, and asked Mylana if she’d like to make an announcement to that effect before service started that Sunday.  Mylana’s response – “yes, thank you!” Action, taken!

So Mylana brought her pledge form to CSL Victoria (on the form it said “My goal is to raise $1000.”), and when prompted, got up in front of the whole congregation and said “I am raising $1000 for the Terry Fox Foundation, and I’d appreciate your support….” Working towards the vision…!

Whaaaat…!?!  She didn’t say “My goal is to raise $1000…” she firmly, with the utmost conviction said “I am raising $1000…”  And thanks to the brilliant prosperity maven Mary Morrissey, added “…this or better…” to that goal.  That’s one of my proudest moments as a parent, let me tell you!

But why was it such a big moment?  Because of her firm belief that her goal was a done deal!  If she had moved forward from the belief she was going to raise $1000, she would’ve been working from a belief the money wasn’t there to begin with, which is in direct contradiction to the Universe being filled with infinite possibilities, including infinite amounts of money available to us, for us, and through us at all times!  It was the Science of Mind philosophy at work, folks!!!

That day, she raised nearly $250 through CSL Victoria alone.  And then throughout the week, through her own Terry Fox School Run page, Facebook links, a newsletter sent to our family and friends, and direct requests to folks we know here, family and friends and CSLs Victoria and Toronto rallied behind our girl in a tour de force of giving!  And even though the final count wasn’t in Wednesday, she made plans with Glenn to go to Value Village Thursday to pick up some dress-up clothes and make-up for Mr. Cam.  That’s living from the vision – that’s believing in, recognizing and using her Power!

Not only did Mylana raise $1000, she raised nearly $2000, and was the kid in her school who raised the most money!  (Check out the sweet shirt she got from the Terry Fox Foundation!) Woot, woot!

So Friday morning, Mr. Cam donned a tutu and wings, got a makeover, and was given a bubble wand and bubbles.  And last Friday, the Terry Fox School Run had its first bubble-blowing fairy join in the Run!  (insert giggling, fairy-dust covered emoji here…)

clockwise, l-r – Mylana at the Terry Fox statue in Beacon Hill Park, Fairy/gym teacher Mr. Cam, Mylana in the shirt gifted her by the Terry Fox Foundation, Mr. Cam getting a fairy make-over

The point of all this?  The Power of Intention!  When we firmly believe in our vision as a done deal, and when we take action by working towards the vision, live the energy of that vision, at the vibration of that visioneven when we don’t know how that vision will unfold – we eventually close the gap between the vision of the future and the intention of the present.  And that’s when the magic happens – including turning a manly school gym teacher into a delicate, shimmering, bubble-blowing fairy, and raising a tonne of money for a very worthy cause.

Now over to you.  What’s your vision?  How can you use your Power of Intention to manifest that vision…?

For now, get your dreams on, get your power on, and until next time…

Yours in spirit and gratitude,


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