Organic, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Plant-based/Vegan Brunch at the Brick Works – Valentine’s Day, 14 February, 2015


Another frosty Saturday brings another deelish Brick Works Saturday brunch and market day!  And tomorrow, it’s Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate the day of loooooooooooooove, we’ll have some new and delight-ful treats for you and yours to enjoy!

Whether you’re a lover or a hater, the Love Bites bon bons will add a super, chocolaty boost to your Saturday Brunch!  Grain-free brownies are also back!

And if you’re feeling under the weather, we’ve got a new Immune Booster raw cold pressed juice to knock whatever bug you’re fighting on its microscopic keester, and keep you powered up all weekend long (for who knows what… hee-hee…!)

So join me and the rest of the market gang in the BMO Atrium in spot #4 (look for pink delights™ logos and me) for my weekly Organic, Gluten-free Plant-based/Vegan and Vegetarian Saturday Brunch!  On from 9am-1pm, I’ll also have the usual assortment of rice buns, dips, and take-home soups and chili, and the super yummy Roasted Veg Split Pea soup (dinner…?), plus grain-free muffins, cookies, raw cold pressed juices, and smoothies!

Next market date: Saturday, 21 February.

I’ll be at the market every Saturday up to and including Saturday, 7 March.  New menus will be posted Fridays on this very blog page.  Look up each week’s menu Friday evening, and then get ready to fill your belly Saturday morning!

For now, get your veg on, stay cozy, and have some extra snuggle time with your honey this weekend!  Mwah!

Eat well.  Be well™.

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