What delights you?

delights™ is the new and delicious venture served up by Lesia Kohut, eco-pastry chef and social entrepreneur, and continues where her former company, LPK’s Culinary Groove, left off.

Committed to using organic, fairly traded, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients whenever possible, delights™ offers Toronto’s best tasting gluten-free and plant-based prepared foods, baked goods, and desserts!

From savoury to sweet, delights™ offers a variety of delicious appetizers and rice bread, grab n’ go meals, and refined sugar- and grain-free treats. Award winning Nanaimos, and Sweet Potato Doughnuts are also crowd pleasers at local summer farmers’ markets and special events.

delights™ also believes in knowing who and where our food comes from, and is delighted to actively support and work with a variety of local farmers and artisanal food producers.

With such a mouth-watering repertoire, and strong commitment to sustainability, delights™ embodies Lesia’s belief that gluten-free and plant-based nourishes and indulges, while connecting us with those who grow and produce it!