Specializing in digestive health, and organic, plant-based, gluten-free living.

How do I help?

Each client fills out a Health History indicating what health concerns she has, and what areas of her wellbeing she would like to improve upon. Together, we go over the Health History, and any other health concerns the client may have at the time.

We then work together over the course of 6 months, where we slowly and methodically address the main health concerns the client initially had (many of which will show signs of improvement within a few months), along with new issues which may arise.

I support my clients by listening, helping with recipes and meal planning, suggest readings and exercises, and introduce new foods and/or ways of eating, along with relevant lifestyle management techniques that will help address the client’s health concerns and improve her wellbeing.

We make small, reasonable changes at a pace that works for the client. Every client is unique, so every 6 month program is unique, tailor-made for each client and her specific concerns.

I also support all of my clients by offering a safe, loving environment in which they can speak freely about their health concerns and the “primary foods” in their lives, and encourage and guide them as gently or as exuberantly as they want to proceed during our 6 months together.

I look forward to making these lasting changes with you.

Schedule a Health History Consultation with me today, and we’ll get started on your journey to better health together!

I’m committed to change – are you…?