Holy Crap! (Insights into my First Colonic…)

Six weeks ago, after a great deal of urging from my naturopath, I finally went for my first colonic. Why?  I had started a detox, and by about two and a half weeks in, food and liquid were going in, but almost nothing was coming out.  Needless to say, I was extremely uncomfortable, felt like a walking barrel/inflated balloon/beach ball, and was at the point where I couldn’t eat or drink anything without feeling like my rib cage was going to burst!

Even though I was on a detox, I knew enough to realize that no matter how well I was eating, how much hot yoga I was practicing, how much fibre I was consuming, or how much water I was drinking, if stuff wasn’t coming out, it was just getting reabsorbed into my bloodstream, basically poisoning me, and undoing the benefits of the detox I was on!

Over the years, I’d heard from many friends about their near religious experiences with colon hydrotherapy, but hadn’t gone myself for 2 reasons: 1) I never really felt the need, and 2) I was under the impression colonics were a bit of a Band-Aid solution (i.e. eat whatever you want, then have it flushed out) – boy was I wrong on both counts!

After some research I contacted d’Avignon Digestive Health Centre.  The first thing I asked was (for someone in my situation) which would be better – a colonic, or a coffee enema.  I’d already looked stuff up online, and after a brief chat with the lovely Marnie, booked a colonic with Louise – centre founder and colon hydro therapist extraordinaire!

With some trepidation, but an eagerness to get rid of all the crap that was making me feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s blown up cousin, I went to my appointment.  From the first “hello” to the last hug and “see you again soon”,  my experience was beyond mind blowing, incredibly insightful, and allowed me to keep my dignity in tact throughout!

So what made my first colonic so amazing?  Here are some highlights:

  • D’Avignon is warm, inviting, cozy, and clean, and the staff I’ve encountered is super friendly, compassionate, and professional;
  • Louise was fantastic! Smiling, engaging, and extremely thorough about the entire process as we went along, I felt comfortable and was able to relax quickly, even once a tube was shoved up my bum;
  • I’m a bit of a gut geek, as is Louise, so talking s*** for a couple of hours was also super fun and informative for me; plus she has several medical posters illustrating the parts of the gut, and how and where diseases form – great if you’re a visual person, like me;
  • The actual irrigation process was quite comfortable and made total sense to me – fresh water comes in through a small tube and travels up the colon, stimulating it to do its thang, while the larger tube allows for waste to make its way out; this is done repeatedly with water travelling up the colon a bit further each time so older guck can get coaxed out in time;
  • Watching stuff leave my body was fascinating! At the beginning it was mostly gas (looked a lot like soda water), then newer and older poop, undigested food (note to self – chew food more, and eat more slowly…), and bile salts – all very telling about what and how I eat, my stress levels, how hydrated I am, and how effectively my liver and colon were working; plus, by the end, I felt like I had deflated back to my normal self, and was about half the size of what I was going in a couple of hours earlier – what a relief!
  • Based on what came out, and how my heels looked (turns out my dry, scaly heels told a tale beyond lack of being moisturized that morning…), Louise observed the following:
    • My liver was very stressed – check!
    • I had been dehydrated for many years – check!
    • I had a lot of stored anger (in Traditional Chinese Medicine anger is stored in/connected to the liver) – check!
    • I wasn’t getting enough healthy fats – this one I wasn’t sure about, because I felt I was eating plenty of coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, and ghee (but later in the week, when researching on how to deal with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth – SIBO – I had an “aha” moment when I realized that SIBO is associated with fat malabsorption, so even if I was eating enough fat, my body wasn’t absorbing it thanks to all the extra yucky bacteria in my small intestine, so… check!  Four for four!)
  • Based on the above observations, we then talked about how to continue healing my gut so my colon could get back in tip top shape and do the work it was meant to do.We talked about taking Hcl (because I don’t produce enough stomach acid); about healing SIBO (hello Oil of Oregano capsules instead of anti-biotics!); doing more acupuncture and taking more supplements to help my liver get stronger; actually cutting back on the amount of fibre I was eating because my body wasn’t efficient enough to break it down right now; eating softer, warm/cooked foods instead of raw foods and cold smoothies; getting enough restful sleep; and, of course, staying hydrated!We also talked about doing more colonics so my colon could keep getting the stimulation it needs to get strong and keep the waste flowing out in a timely fashion. I love Louise’s analogy of colon hydrotherapy being akin to “taking your colon to the gym”! Not only does it flush out many forms of trapped, festering, toxic waste, it really does stimulate and encourage your colon to tone, get stronger, and work better!
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Yesterday (my 2nd session) felt very different, but showed a great deal of improvement since my 1st visit – huzzah! And because I have a long way to go in healing my gut (SIBO, Leaky Gut, low stomach acid and bile production), colon hydrotherapy has now been added to my growing list of regular self-care methods.

Now over to you – have you ever had a colonic?  What was your experience like?  Have you wondered about going, but haven’t actually done so?  What’s holding you back?

If you’re interested in what your gut is telling you, and how a healthier digestive system can lead to a healthier, more vibrant, energized you – let’s talk!  Get in touch today for a complimentary Health History Consultation, and let’s chat about how to start moving you out of your comfort zone, and into your wellness zone!

Until next time, get your veg on, give your gut some TLC, and keep moving towards a healthier you!

Eat well. Be well.™




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