Specializing in digestive health, and organic, plant-based, gluten-free living.

What do I do?

I work with busy professionals, many of whom are self-employed, and have families. With almost no time devoted to self-care, they are dealing with digestive issues which are manifesting themselves in various ways including: unwanted weight gain; constant cravings for sugar, coffee and other stimulants; feeling exhausted and drained; and, getting sick too often, for too long.

Most of my clients also have at least some awareness of how to eat well and are physically active, but don’t necessarily have the time nor the ability to get organized enough to follow a healthy, nourishing meal plan, or to nurture other areas in their lives which are out of balance.

They would like to feel more comfortable in their own bodies, have more energy, reduce sugar and coffee cravings, sleep better, and get sick less frequently, but need a gentle, helping hand and guidance to do so.

This is where I come in…

Over the course of a tailored 6 month program, I work with each client to create delicious recipes (with an emphasis on plant-based, and gluten-free foods where applicable) and realistic, workable meal plans. We work together to heal and strengthen the digestive tract, which in turn, helps to strengthen the client’s immune system. This helps each client feel more energy and vitality in her life, reduce cravings for sugary and starchy foods, and allows for more restful sleep. Clients also get sick less frequently for shorter periods of time, and develop a (renewed) sense of vitality and power in their own bodies!

Because food is not the only form of nourishment we consume, we also look at personal and work relationships, physical activity, career, and even spirituality – also known as “primary foods” – which are integral to each client’s whole life experience.

The ultimate goal I hope to achieve is to educate and empower each client to create a harmonious balance of health and wellbeing in her life by:

  • healing the digestive tract and strengthening the immune system with whole, nutrient dense, mostly plant-based foods;
  • setting up a collection of delicious, nourishing (plant-based, and gluten-free where applicable) recipes and workable meal plans for the client and her family;
  • guiding the client in nurturing the “primary foods” in her life – personal and work relationships, physical activity, career, and spirituality – as well.

I want to inspire every client to fully engage in her life – becoming as vibrant, powerful and healthy as she can be!

Schedule a Health History Consultation with me today, and we’ll get started on your journey to better health together!

I’m committed to change – are you…?