Finding my Music in Me – Goodbye Markets, Hello Full-on Health Coaching!

Happy Wednesday folks!

I have an announcement to make – after much deliberation, and with a slightly heavy heart… this summer market season will be my last.  Gulp…!

In the month that’s passed since we got back from Victoria, I must say, it’s been challenging for me to get back into the Hogtown groove.  A topsy turvy end of summer sched, missing out on several yoga classes because of our wacky routine, and then an injury which led to a dislocated rib, which led to missed markets (i.e. missed income), and generally feeling uncomfortable in my own skin for several weeks all pointed to what the Universe had been trying to tell me for some time – that it was time for me to move on from the Toronto markets.

For some, this will come as no surprise, but for many the questions that will come to mind will be “Why?” and “What will you do now?” (and “Where will I get my gluten-free rice buns…?!”)

And here are the answers I give to you:

  1. “Why?” – because I don’t want to die with my music left in me (thank you and R.I.P. Dr. Wayne Dyer…!).  Plain and simple.

    Am I dying?  Not that I know of.  But what I’ve come to realize is that by continuing to do what’s comfortable (working at the markets), I may be feeding those around me, but my soul is no longer being nourished.

    Instead of challenging and freeing myself to go above and beyond what I know to what I desire, and how I want to be of service at this point in my life (helping and coaching people), by staying at the markets, I am stifling and even suffocating my spirit (hello physical manifestation as dislocated rib…), which in turn is kind of killing my soul.  Melodramatic?  Maybe.  But true nonetheless.

    While out West, I had loads of time to hang with friends and fam, relax, play, practice yoga, and spend time in nature.  I also had time to study, read (including a book which had absolutely nothing to do with school, work, gut health, or food – insert high fiving emoji here…!), cook for my family every day without feeling like it was a chore, to do a sugar workshop and do some coaching, and connect with so many amazing people!  I felt like a super hero!

    With all of the above, I also ended up feeling something in Victoria I don’t know if I’ve ever felt up until then – I felt whole.  I felt strong, powerful, sexy, and inspired, and I felt fully and completely nourished – from cell to soul (thank you Dr. Sara Gottfried for that awesome phrase…)!

    And because I was so fully and completely nourished, not once did I ever want to stuff my face with unhealthy, damaging food, or engage in destructive behaviours that would make me feel like crap (fast forward to our Toronto return, and within 24 hours I was picking fights with my family, getting stressed out about who knows what, and the cravings were coming back fast and furious)!

    The way I felt in Victoria was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!  And because I believe I am the creator of my own reality, it occurred to me I was just as responsible for feeling great out west as I was for feeling crappy upon my return.

    So, even with the excruciating pain from my rib, I decided it was important for me (and those around me) for me to feel great as often as I could from that moment on.  Plus, I wanted to help others feel that way too!   And the way I know I can do this more completely, and with more inspiration, is through Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, rather than by selling food at the markets.

  2. “What will you do now?” – Well, once market season is over, I will continue working on my new coaching biz, but with more vim, vigour and vitality than I have been able to until now.  I’m ready to bring it!  Kapow!

    There will be more blog posts!

    There will be more workshops!

    There will still be one-on-one coaching, but there will also be a new group program!

    There will be baking classes!

    And the birth of the Cooking Collective is near!

    The book I’ve been wondering about writing for years has also been bubbling up more effervescently of late, so I will get down to business and start work on that as well!  Yip, yip yoo-oo!

  3. “Where will I get my gluten-free rice buns?” – it is my intention to hand off the business in whole or in part to someone who lives and breathes farmers’ markets, sustainability, and organic food so my loyal Toronto peeps (and those who have yet to discover how amazing vegan and gluten-free living can be) can continue getting their rice buns, along with some of the other baked goods and treats you’ve come to love over the years.Conversations have been started, deals are in the works, and I promise to keep you posted as things progress.

    Until then, for those of you on my mailing list, once market season ends, you will get a special email every 4 weeks with a small menu with pre-ordering deets.  And rest assured, the rice buns will be at the top of that list!  And then, you can pick up your goodies directly from me­ (insert smiling, lip smacking emoji here…)!

So, even though I will soon miss seeing you all every weekend at the markets, I am sooooo grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you, indulge and feed you, and more recently, to start nourishing you with some healthier, savoury food and lifestyle options as well.

I have also learned so much from you, about myself , and about living life with purpose over the past several years.  And, I am super stoked about what comes next!

So thank you, thank you, thank you!  I look forward to your continued support and enthusiasm, and to sharing the next part of my journey with you!

For the time being though, Leslieville is coming up this Sunday, Thanksgiving markets are Saturday October 10th at Brick Works and Sunday October 11th at Leslieville (remember to get those orders in by Sunday the 4th), and ultimately, Sunday, November 1st at Leslieville will be my last day at the Toronto farmer’s markets. (insert teary-eyed emoji here…).

Now, because I’m having a bit of any epiphany and am shaking up my soul and spirit, I’ll ask you to consider doing the same, gently posing the following questions to you:

  1. Are you fully and completely nourished – mind, body, spirit and soul…?
  2. If not, how can you change that…?
  3. How can you not die with your music still in you…?

Until next time, get your veg on, get your music on, and see you at the markets!

Eat well. Be well.™


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